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Cornell Jermaine


Get to Know Me.

Despite a diverse career from front desk manager to marketing manager with major brands, I couldn't pinpoint my unique mission. This challenge haunted me for weeks. But after deep introspection and sifting through my varied experiences for a common thread, it dawned on me: My greatest strength is service — not as a task, but as a natural talent and a true calling.

This realization reshaped my purpose and direction.

A brief encounter with a perceptive lady at a corporate event led to an epiphany. Her simple question, "What do you do better than anyone else?" left me speechless and self-reflective.

"For years, I unknowingly nurtured a hidden gift, a treasure within me waiting to be discovered."

My Journey

I started my career journey on Easter, a holiday second to Christmas in a kid's world, by donning a white Easter Bunny costume. I spent the day outside, cheerfully waving at passing cars to draw attention to a beloved local business that had been a community staple for years.

Age 13

Age 14

Continuing my journey about a year after my Easter Bunny debut, I joined a local business where I dabbled in everything from maintenance to customer service. Little did I know that this versatile role would become a cornerstone of my personal and professional growth.

By seventeen, I had leveled up to managing the front desk at a bustling corporate salon, handling everything from opening and closing to ensuring a memorable experience for each guest. All this, while also supporting our team's day-to-day needs. 

Age 17

Age 18

During my college years, juggling business management and music studies, I took the plunge and launched my own business. It was a rocky start but a powerful learning curve that shaped me, teaching me invaluable lessons and forging a character destined for greatness.

By 21, an unexpected opportunity came my way—I was asked to run a salon by a local investor who had bought it without any intention or knowledge of managing it themselves. I embraced the challenge, transforming a space filled with empty chairs and tons of equipment into a thriving community hub over several years.

Age 21

Even as I managed a full-time salon with a growing team of about twenty, I ventured into project management for live events, campaigns, and initiatives. This new role was a game-changer, elevating my leadership and management skills while uncovering more of my creative talents.

Age 26

By the time I hit 30, my talents and skills were unlocking grander opportunities in theatrical productions, film, and television. This transition was a steep learning curve, requiring me to grasp the intricacies of how large media companies operate. Yet, it was the perfect catalyst for honing my abilities and setting the stage for the next chapter in my career.

Age 30


Even now, I occasionally dive back into project management and production, mainly for brands that have become long-standing clients. However, this journey has taught me a profound lesson: my true calling is to serve humanity. I'm particularly passionate about aiding entrepreneurs and brands eager to carve out a unique market presence, drive profitability, and achieve lasting success. My approach? I speak, teach, and train business leaders and their teams on the critical art and significance of customer relations, offering insights into the consumer's mindset. It's a blend of vulnerability and expertise, where my goal is to share    knowledge and equip organizations to thrive in harmony with their customers' needs and desires

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